Further Education at Helsinki Business College Adult Education

An information and service society has a continuous need for experts in business and administration as well as in information and communication technology. The Adult Education unit of Helsinki Business College is dedicated to developing and serving the employment sector, thereby promoting its success. In cooperation with its partnership networks, the centre works to improve the customer orientation, quality and content of its workplace-driven operating models and to increase the regional and thematic influence of its adult education courses and projects.

Services provided by the Helsinki Business College Adult Education include:

  • Further and specialist qualifications in business administration and business information technology. These are competence-based qualifications and are also available as apprenticeship training
  • A large variety of further training programmes from basic to managerial and expertise levels, including courses in entrepreneurship, leadership and sales
  • Tailor-made programmes and coaching for companies

All the programs of Adult Education are in Finnish.

For a list of upcoming programs and further education and training, please visit our Finnish Adult Education website:
Adult Education

Contact Information
Helsinki Business College Adult Education
Pasila Campus, Rautatieläisenkatu 5
FI-00520 Helsinki Finland
tel. +358 9 1489 0200